Dear Yetta,

I reside in NYC using my girlfriend of three years as well as 2 young ones. We are all worried about the impact Trump’s election may have on our family. Will there be everything we must do to protect the wedding?

—Frightened Family

Dear Family,

Sadly, over the last month, I heard from dozens of people, which, like countless of us for the LGBTQ neighborhood, are feeling unsettled when you look at the aftermath in the previous presidential election. While we still don’t know the total level for this government’s assaults on civil-rights, I’m able to offer some words of a cure for LGBTQ New Yorkers that are worried about the condition of equal marriage.

First, you should know the limitations of executive action which is the power the president provides. While you’ve most likely learned from present development, chairman Trump has already signed several concerning Executive instructions. Executive Orders merely apply to the us government, and so the president cannot act unilaterally to revoke existing condition and local protections.


The good news is that ny has its own state and local protections. While we don’t predict that Obergefell is going to be overturned, brand new Yorkers can take comfort inside the condition having passed away its wedding Equality Act in 2011. Ny in addition passed the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination operate in 2003, which prohibits discrimination in employment, casing, credit score rating, knowledge and community rooms be-cause of actual or identified intimate orientation. The brand new York self-esteem for every college students Act forbids discrimination, intimidation, harassment and intimidation (such as cyberbullying) in public schools and also at college functions. Therefore the nyc county Division of Human Rights shields against discrimination at a state degree.

These defenses tend to be protected on a local level by the new york Commission on Human liberties, and that’s Chaired by Commissioner

Carmelyn Malalis.

While we have a lot a lot more work to do, and, of course, our very own neighborhood is influenced not just by LGBTQ policies, but guidelines that influence sex, battle, immigration condition, etc., these are generally some of the condition and neighborhood protections LGBTQ brand-new Yorkers have in place. Should you or your children knowledge any form of discrimination, we urge you to definitely contact legal counsel to discover how exactly to shield yourself.

To find out more information on existing appropriate defenses for LGBT folks and our very own individuals, go to the nationwide Center for Lesbian Rights’ site:

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or contact 212-253-6911.

This line is not an appointment with legal counsel and should in no way be construed as a result or as an alternative for these types of consultation. Anyone with legalities or concerns should look for the advice of one’s own attorney.