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Lost Car Keys assistance in Dubai

We offer a super-fast service for dealing with all types of lost car key situations in and around Dubai. Auto Locksmith Dubai are a unique mobile service specializing in ‘same day’ car key cutting and programming.

Auto Locksmith Service For Lost Car Key

If you think that your car keys have been lost or stolen, you need to ensure first that you have searched high and low for them, including retracing your last steps. If you think that your car is at risk of being stolen then you should immediately inform the police and then you should call Auto Locksmith Dubai. Locksmith Dubai teams are all able to erase stolen keys from a vehicle’s immobilizer box and ECU.

We can re-code the locks to new combinations and produce new working car keys. You wouldn’t have to worry about your car being stolen because you would be back driving it! That alone is a good enough reason to ensure that you keep Auto Locksmith Dubai.’s telephone number close to hand.

What to Do If I Forget Key Inside the Car?

Sometimes we may tend to forget our car keys either outside or inside our car. It may happen especially when we want to reach somewhere urgently. In such a situation, just relax and give us a call, after that our technicians will provide you with a duplicate key in a short period, and feel hassle-free.

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What a hassle! You search your pockets and get no keys. Maybe your keys are lost or you misplaced them or you just forgot them inside your car. Now, you have to call the recovery man to tow your car to some locksmith which is, of course, another frustration and waste of time. In such a situation, the best idea is to call us, our best technicians will arrive at the place within 30 minutes as we have many lock masters located in several places in Dubai just to assist you at the right time.

Our highly professional technicians can meticulously handle any kind of car key replacement issue hence assuring you perfect peace of mind. In case of any car key which is either stolen or lost or misplaced or damaged inside the car lock.

What to do if you have lost your car keys?

In the lost car keys replacement service in Dubai, you can be sure that you won’t have to wait for long before you might be attended to. Regardless of the part of Dubai from which you are calling us, you should rest assured that we give you a fully trained auto locksmith in Dubai within 30 minutes. This is a quick response time regardless of the time of the day. We possibly give our services to you with any issue related to keys. We provide the best lock repair services in Dubai to do it for you.

Most automotive locksmiths in Dubai don’t handle the present-day transponder chip keys. At Auto Locksmith, we will trim and program you a brand new key in no time. With our modern-day diagnostic tools, we will help a problem that could have taken individual weeks to solve an issue that is solved in a few short minutes by the roadside.

The majority of modern cars come with immobilizers that make lost car key replacement very difficult for many locksmiths. Typically the immobilizers receive signals through the key used and if they can’t recognize the key used, then this vehicle fails to start.

We have the best option for you, an extra pair of keys, we are the best Locksmith in Dubai to do it for you.car key lock

Have you misplaced your car keys?

Mostly we are rushing around and likely to lose valuable and important items like keys. It’s, therefore, no surprise that we receive many phone calls and emails over the weekends and bank holidays from troubled motorists that have lost their car keys.

We operate from mobile workshops and can be able to help replace those misplaced car keys. We are all facing financial testing times, thus to assist out we are giving a discount on all new car keys. Make a sensible decision currently and get yourself a spare key so lost car keys don’t ruin your day.

How our service for lost car keys works?

You will get a specialist vehicle locksmith who will come to you in the shortest possible time and on the spot, using equipment and techniques, and cut a new set of keys programmed to work with your car’s ECU unit and immobilizer box. All mobile teams carry blank car keys and can cut them from either a key number or a lock as well as reprogram transponder chips. Not all keys work the same, whilst nearly all vehicle keys will be coded to disable a factory-fitted immobilizer, some will have added features such as remote locking.

The style and type of key required will affect how the key is produced and how long it will take to program. Upon arriving at your car we will first gain entry, with no damage.


Automotive Locksmith Service in Dubai is really organization which is really focused on providing the very best locksmith solutions through the entire town associated with Dubai. We have experienced locksmith team who else ensure that they cannot make you having a vehicle locksmith issue which has not really however already been resolved.

Locksmith Dubai Technicians Work on a Wide Variety of Car Brands:

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