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Car Key Cutting Assistance In Dubai

Locksmith Dubai provides many services for car key cutting and lock repairing. We deal in all types of car keys used for different types of locks and car brands.

Auto locksmith Car Key Cutting Service

Car key cutting is very important in case if you want to make a new car key or any other car key such as master car key, spare car key, and duplicate car key. Locksmith Dubai uses many techniques, methods, and steps to make and cut all types of car keys. These car keys help in opening doors and locks.

Locksmith Dubai provides many services for car keys and locks. We deal in all types of car keys used for different types of locks and car brands. Locksmith Dubai is an expert in car key cutting techniques and professionally cut car keys. We deal with professional car key services throughout Dubai. We provide key cutting services at your doorsteps anywhere in Dubai.

Locksmith Dubai can cut and program all kinds of car keys at your location everywhere in Dubai. The majority of car main vendors don’t have the ability to cut an alternative car key in their workshop. Main dealers will ordinarily have code on record that gives them the information to cut your car key, unfortunately, most locksmiths don’t have key cutting equipment available at your local dealer. Therefore they need to order keys inside from their factory or head workplace. This could take up to 5 to 6 working days or more. We can cut almost all brands of car keys at the same time as your phone call.

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Professional Equipment for Key Cutting

We carry professional equipment to cut all vehicle key profiles including All brands of Car keys which are cut on a dedicated machine. Locksmith Dubai can cut car keys through code, pattern or duplicate. If you’ve got a key code we are ready to enter the number into our own software system and let the machinery perform the remainder. A key code is generally written down on a card in front of your services book. If the code continues to be lost we are able to get a wide range of manufacturer key codes from your main dealers on your behalf. Wherever no key code may be obtained we are able to take away a lock from your vehicle and carry it apart to see however the key has to be cut.

If you have got one particular operating key or all of the pieces of a broken key we are able to use this as a subject and trace a brand new key.

Type of Keys Profile

You will notice 2 main varieties of key profiles used for vehicles.

They are called side cut and additionally laser. We can cut all kinds of sidecut and laser type car keys. We now have access to key cutting machines and each key variety may require cutting on a various specialist key machine.

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Side Cut Car Key

Sidecut car keys are utilized on earlier types of automobiles and are now being replaced by laser keys by nearly all manufacturers. Having said that several car manufacturers continue to use the side cut key. This type of key is renowned concerning becoming worn and getting angry. Locksmith Dubai can re-cut snapped car keys and save you cash more than ordering in a replacement key from a dealer.

Locksmith Dubai technicians can easily cut a new key using the snapped pieces as a template after which transfer over the transponder chip, removing the need to program a key.

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Laser Car Key

Laser car keys are being used with higher regularity and are slowly replacing almost all side cut car keys. They are much stronger and safe that is less susceptible to getting worn and snapping.

These days, laser automotive keys are in as a result of they’re more reliable, sturdy and solid. These types of car keys are rapidly replacing traditional car keys because people are more than ever conscious about the latest technology which ensures optimum security for their cars. So, they just depend on laser car keys.

How long will it take a locksmith to cut new automobile keys?

There are many ways to cut vehicle keys. Car key cutting is often through with the copy of an existing key or it is often cut by code. The code can be get by using the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), by decoding a key or maybe by decoding the ignition cylinder.

The quickest way of car key cutting is to easily create a copy of the key by using an existing key. The oldest and slowest method will be to decode the ignition cylinder. With that being said, a professional locksmith with experience is ready to do such a task terribly quickly. With no complications, this can only take minutes. If the key cutting is requested when the locksmith has arrived to service the vehicle, then they will get to realize the appropriate key blank. If the blank isn’t the correct dimensions, then the key won’t work.


Does car key cutting require the original key?

No. car key cutting is done by using associate skilled locksmith and also the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the car, even if there’s no mechanical key available to copy, a key will still be created. This type of service does cost more, as using the vehicle database for this function passes on a charge to the locksmith.

How Much Cost For Car Key Cutting?

It’s quite difficult to put a specific price of a car keys as it varies by make, model and year – which then depends on parts and tokens required for programming and also if the key is basic or remote. The price also varies if the auto locksmith can program that particular model & year.


Automotive Locksmith Service in Dubai is really organization which is really focused on providing the very best locksmith solutions through the entire town associated with Dubai. We have experienced locksmith team who else ensure that they cannot make you having a vehicle locksmith issue which has not really however already been resolved.

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