‘Tis the summer season to hightail it from zombies — or big date all of them.

Any time you keep an unbarred brain, you may discover that a zombie is the person you’ve been in search of all along.

(But still be mindful. Date at the very own threat.)

13 reasons why you should date a zombie:

1. Have you been accident prone? Date a zombie and there’s small opportunity you’ll unintentionally kill him/her.

2. Associated with number 1: Everyone will comprehend in the event that you eliminate your big date.

3. Your go out would be happy to view you. He could even appear operating.

4. Should you have a tendency to overheat in cuddling situations, a cold-blooded day are going to be an energizing change.

5. You’ll function as the elegant one out of the relationship. And also the prettiest.

6. To zombies, age is simply a number. You’re live. That’s all that matters.

7. Related to no. 5: Zombies aren’t threatened by your work successes, have actually commitment problems or whine concerning your needy pals. They’re merely happy you are really alive.

8. Got enemies? Will they be live? Any longer!

9. Fed up with wondering if final night’s go out will-call? Zombies tend to be pursuers. You won’t need certainly to question if she or he is interested.

10. Zombies tend to be inspiring. They know what they want and additionally they do what must be done to get it.

11. Dating a zombie is actually unsafe — but bad guys tend to be gorgeous, proper?

12. Zombies tend to be trendy. They currently have a lot more street cred than vampires.

13. Lunch isn’t hard – just add brains into ingredient record and you are all set.