Lock Rekey Assistance in Dubai

It’s not always necessary to replace the entire lock system. Our high qualified and professional locksmiths can rekey your locks for a fraction of the cost of installing an entirely new lock system.

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Lock Rekey In Dubai

You’ll usually want to rekey the locks to your house or car because of mostly break-in, theft. You may also wish to rekey your locks if you lose your keys, if you feel that too many others persons have copies of your keys or if you want the convenience of being able to lock and unlock your house’s front and back doors with the same key. You can go to a locksmith to rekey your locks

The Locksmith Dubai have latest machines for rekey your lock system, if you have misplaced your keys and given them up for either lost or stolen? Did you entrust your key to someone who is no longer trustworthy? Has your roommate moved out and neglected to return their key? You don’t have to dread the time and expense of having to change the locks on your doors due to any of these situations. The machines that are used to manufacture new keys for particular locks are highly fashionable and contemporary that can perform your desired job in just few minutes.
It’s not always necessary to replace the entire lock system. Our high lock rekey in dubaiqualified and professional locksmiths can rekey your locks for a fraction of the cost of installing an entirely new lock system.
There are several areas where locks and keys have a strong consideration that includes your home, residential entities, trade center, work place, shopping centers and motor vehicles. These are the some categories that have impact and demand to avail the Locksmith services for retaining the safety of belongings up to the locksmith industry standards. There are different kinds of locks are upgraded for retaining smooth security of these assets that actually operated by their specific keys. If anyone have the keys to get access to a particular lock that actually make sure that the security of that belonging is justified. But in some scenarios that keys can be mislaid, lost or misplace somewhere. What will you actually do just consider a professional locksmith services in Dubai to rekey the lock by producing duplicate or spare keys for your specific lock.

You may also want to rekey all the locks in your home to respond to one master key rather than having to fumble with numerous keys on your keychain, each of which is needed to open a different lock. You will love the convenience of having all of your locks respond to one master key. Before you decide to replace the entire lock system, have a member of our locksmith team check to see if your lock system can be rekeyed at a savings of time and money for you.

The devices used for car keys cutting are actually programmed and give commands to their system according to particular lock ignition size, shape and manufacturer. These machines cut the keys with extreme accuracy without any error. This way is more suitable than human effort because it would ensure that the more accuracy comparatively handmade keys. Along with the accuracy, it is the swiftest method to get the target result in very short span of time. This is the one of the most usable example that depicts for being a Locksmith service provider in Dubai without spending hours on any locksmith service.

Sometimes it happens at your workplace when you have to give the keys to multiple staff and you need more than one key. Then to rekey the lock will also be a good option that would satisfy your need in a very reasonable price.

As we have a strong policy for delivering our Locksmith services in a very short time period after we get your call. In the process of rekey the locksmith Dubai professional takes out all of the pins from the cylinder. Then drawing from compilation of substitute pins, our locksmith chooses new pins that fit completely between the splashes of the key and the shear line of the cylinder. To make a latest key for an existing lock, you actually need to make a sequence of notches in keys so that it move up each upper pins just on the top of shear line. Compare to installing new locks in the car, rekey in car keys is more cheaper and unbeatable solution. Because installation of new locks can be done by everyone but the only factor that has a great influence since it is just the higher cost.

How to Rekey a Lock

Rekey a house Lock

Get a rekeying kit. Also called pinning kits. Some kits include only lock pins, while others include special tools (cylinder follower, ring remover, plug follower) to remove the lock cylinder so you can replace the lock pins.

Remove the exterior doorknobs. Door knobs are held in place with a clip accessed by inserting a wire into a tiny hole. Your rekeying kit may include a wire tool for this purpose, or you can unbend a paper clip and insert it.

Take out the lock cylinder.Using a cylinder follower (a small brass tube), push the cylinder through the assembly to remove the sleeve covering it and then remove the cylinder.

Remove the cylinder retainer ring. Use a wrench-like ring remover to remove the retaining ring from the lock cylinder. Put the retainer ring somewhere you’ll find it later when reassembling the lock.

Take out the cylinder plug. Insert the key for the current lock into the cylinder and turn it to separate the upper and lower lock pins. Push the plug follower through the cylinder, using constant pressure to remove the plug. Keeping constant pressure will keep the upper lock pins and their retaining springs in place when you remove the cylinder plug. If you should let the springs fall out, you can still pick them up and reinsert them.

Take out the old lower lock pins. The lower lock pins are roughly bullet-shaped, with the pointed ends touching the key, and of varying lengths.

Insert the new lock key in the cylinder. This will push the springs out of the way and serve as a partial guide for the new lock pins.

Insert the new pins in the lock. The new pins should be coded numerically to match a chart showing which pin goes where in the lock. You’ll need either a tweezers or small needle-nosed pliers to grip the pins and insert them. The new pins should align with the key when it is inserted in the lock. If the pins are not coded, you’ll have to use trial and error, inserting and withdrawing the key to make sure it fits the lock with the new pins installed.

Reassemble the lock. Replace the cylinder plug and retaining ring, then replace the cylinder in the doorknob or lock face and reattach it to the door. Test the re-keyed lock to make sure it locks and unlocks with the new key.